Meet The Bean – Black Bean

Hello, I am Black Bean! I am also known as turtle bean because of my hard shell-like appearance. I am actually the edible seed of the plant and I come from the family of legumes. Like others in my family, I am rich in protein and fiber content. I can also benefit your health by supplying several other key vitamins and minerals.

Black beans

I am very popular in vegetarian dishes like frijoles negros, burrito, feijoada, Moros y Cristianos and many others. People also like to use me as a key ingredient in soups. Trust me, they are all delicious and nutritious! Continue reading Meet The Bean – Black Bean

Meet The Grain – Rice

(A first-person narration of who, how and what…)

Hello! I am Rice, the gluten free grain!

I come in many varieties. I am what they call a ‘staple’ because I am consumed in such great quantities and I am a dominant portion of many people’s standard diet. What do I have to offer to you? I am filled with carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals – crucial for proper functioning and metabolic activity in your body.

As I said earlier, I come in many varieties. In more recent history, I have been modified, sometime cruelly, but always for making a quick buck, to your detriment.  I am at my best however when I am not heavily processed, modified or bleached. When I am let to be my natural self and aged to the right time, I yield the best results! Continue reading Meet The Grain – Rice

Miriams Earthen Cookware Customer Reviews on Making Yogurt

Yogurt – a delicious food that is healthy and nutritious too. While you can always buy it from the store, making it at home has several benefits. It is very easy to make without using unhealthy additives like the ones used in stores. No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, fresheners or shelf life extenders! On the contrary, it is rich in nutrients and tastes a lot better. Continue reading Miriams Earthen Cookware Customer Reviews on Making Yogurt